Print is not dead

Right now I'm very much feeling prints - preferably mis-matched, thrown together, head-to-toe - and different shades of blue - with or without the prints. Looking at what some of my Finnish favourites have to offer, I fell in love with R/H's looks for spring. Especially the black and white abstract print.

And the green pants.

Blue for me is a "neutral" colour, like black, gray and some creamy beiges. As long as I remember, dressing in blue has made me feel safe, secure - and happy. At the moment, I want to mix different shades of blue together. I do have loads of blue in my wardrobe already, but there just might be a place for an aqua R/H maxi dress...

The designer duo R/H, Hanna Riiheläinen and Emilia Hernesniemi, are in my opinion the most interesting ones to watch in the current crop of Helsinki design darlings. Their clothes have a relaxed, easy thing going on, but at the same they are refreshingly grown-up for, you know, everyday wear. Last autumn I bought a sweater by them - with reindeer-skin shoulder puffs - that instantly became my go-to piece when I needed to look sharp and stylish - ie. every working day, and most party nights. (Even the prices are right.)

You can easily shop their stuff in Helsinki, just stroll into their own mini shop at Uudenmaankatu or the near-by Acolyth on Iso-Roobertinkatu. Out-of-towners should pay a visit at the R/H web shop and/or the Acolyth web store like, now(All the stores that carry R/H listed here. Support your local dealer!)

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