Helsinki Fashion Week

Our lovely, little Helsinki is currently the World Design Capital of the year. Design and designers are things our politicos love to brag about, but traditionally, they've been less than effective when it comes to real action. However, now it seems the time is right, and the WDC year has provided creatives, marketing people and the powers that be with the perfect excuse to get together and really get things done.

In other words, I've been flooded like never before with invitations to exhibitions, shows, pop-up shops, breakfasts, seminars, openings of an envelope, and other design and fashion themed happenings all spring. (I'm not complaining though, please keep them coming.)

The month of May has been extraordinarily busy, and this week we get to experience something that just might be the birth of a real Finnish Fashion Week. Local and international press and public are treated to an interesting programme, that culminates Friday with Aalto University's new fashion designers' show and the launch of the exciting SSAW magazine.

Helsinki Fashion Summit is part of a Nordic project to get the fashion industry movers & shakers collaborating. Tomorrow, we get to hear from successful designers*, buyers and other powerful people, and see a fashion show promoting up & coming Finnish and Scandinavian brands - eg. local stars, Minni f. Ronya.

Let's hope all this fashion fun (and serious marketing endeavors) will continue for years to come! And let's take the opportunity to post a picture of the wonderful Henrik Vibskov, one of tomorrow's speakers (and one of my Imaginary Boyfriends).

(picture from A shaded view on fashion)

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