Good things come to those who wait

This past month, I've been mostly watching football and curating my burgeoning collection of Ann Demeulemeester masterpieces. In other words, I managed to snatch a couple of past season goodies that had been loitering in my Yoox dreambox, at a very agreeable discount price.

As someone whose income doesn't quite meet the requirements of her expensive taste, I've long since given up trying to buy on-trend pieces. Can't really afford the designer garb and don't really feel satisfied with high street knock-offs. Instead, I tend to look at my favourite designers' collections trying to identify pieces that could become my wardrobe classics and try to get them later. Fortunately, my conception of must-have pieces seems to be a bit odd, so I usually get very lucky at sales and discount stores or second-hand shopping.  Of course I'm still very much affected by trends, for instance this summer I want to wear trousers with floral or abstract prints and something that floats behind me, just like all the other cool kids in flower jeans or mullet skirt.

I fell in love with Demeulemeester's hazy black-and-white print as soon as I saw the spring-summer 2010 collection. Now that I have these stove-pipe pyjama pants in black silk satin, I still don't know whether the print is a bird or a flower, but I love love love it.

(If I ever get married, I'd love to do it in the long skirt from the same collection, white or black.)

The other thing I got is an off-white version in silk chiffon of this wrap-around thing from s-s 2011. It's actually cut like a wrap mini skirt with a long asymmetrical side/back hem. I'll probably wear it on top of a black dress or trousers, or peeking under a longer dress.

(catwalk pics from Style.com)

But enough about me, have you dolls been successful treasure hunting during the summer?

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